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Show Up Authentically, Connect Powerfully, Create Your Legacy!

Real connections to the other people in our lives is necessary to our mental health and physical well-being. Some of us have decided that relationships are just not worth the effort. Yet we all know how great it feels to belong, to know that the people around you have your back, to feel safe enough to show up authentically, so we can connect powerfully, make changes in our own lives as well as for anyone in our circles of influence; generational changes that will be your legacy!

Through case studies, personal experience, humorous anecdotes, and powerful storytelling, Denise will raise your awareness of how you can be even more deeply connecting, communicating and being in true relationships!

Participants learn about unconscious bias, cognitive dissonance, and why some conversations are uncomfortable. They will realize how these thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours keep them limited and away from their own authentic gifts. Let's take these very human, interpersonal issues out of the shadows and into the light at your next conference.

(breakout sessions to expand on the topic are available and customizable)

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Relationship-Based Leadership - Developed Authentically From You!

Caring, intentional and responsive relationships are at the heart of businesses that people want to work for. You can create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your colleagues, and employees, as well as your clients!

Modern leadership needs to be more than a shift in technique:

    • Leaders need to truly know and understand their managers and staff.
    • Leaders must provide a sense of safety, acceptance, and belonging.
    • Leaders need to be able to recognize the early signs of mental or emotional struggle and provide effective support.

When we move more towards relationship-based leadership it is no surprise that this includes all of peoples’ vulnerabilities – their anxiety, defences, and their emotional triggers and struggles. As well as our own! This can seem to be more than a business leader should have to deal with.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in how leaders approach the HR challenge. Relationships must move from being a marginal consideration in business to being one of the central features inherent in a successful business.

But what if you are already doing the best you can and have no idea how to do better? You are not alone – we each have our strengths and weaknesses in relationships as well as leadership. The Mastery of Relational Leadership programs will dramatically enhance your interpersonal and communication skills. Be more real in your leadership and your life!

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