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Coaching Clients

‘Until working with Denise I didn’t realize that I was the common denominator in my relationship problems at work and at home.’ 

‘Denise helped me find the words to really express what I needed to say; with my business materials, as well as my verbal presentations. My elevator talk is now through the roof :)’ 

‘I came to Denise with a concept for a workshop – she helped me get clear about what I wanted to teach, brought my presentation skills to a higher level and I came away with a great product that I am now presenting to clients around the world. She took me far beyond my expectations.’ 

‘She did it again 🙂 I got clear about an issue I had struggled with in one session with Denise. Reminder – book a session sooner next time.’ 

‘Denise saw me completely and led me to accept every part of myself. Sessions with her are fun and don’t seem like work and yet the result is that I am living my life more passionately, more authentically – my way. I’ve been seen and accepted as I’ve always wanted to be.’ 

‘Denise not only improved my presentation skills – she helped me discover and deal with what had caused these fears and issues in the first place.’ 

‘Denise is courageous, receptive, willing and connected.’ 

‘Denise’s presence made me trust; which brought me to a place of willingness I’ve never found in another therapist. She could keep up with me wherever I went and I always felt she was really there, getting me all the time – unflinching.’ 

‘Denise’s affinity with me was powerful and for the first time I felt my life and experiences were acceptable and I felt less weird and alien in the world.’

‘I really became clear that what I was thinking and feeling on the inside, was showing up on the outside and others were reacting. Thank you Denise!’

‘Denise provides a place of comfort and safety that allows me to open to places that I’ve found scary. She has the courage and intuition to go where the charge is and follow it – with great results!’

‘Denise has a deep understanding of human nature and I can bring anything to her without fear of being judged. I can sense the deep spirit and spirituality that she comes from.’ 

‘Denise has a huge capacity to process and move energy that allows me space to move and process to my utmost capacity. Her humour loosens the tension and makes working with her a pleasure.’

‘Denise has a gift to work with women who are feeling dis-empowered and make them feel good – I never felt she judged or was condescending to me – always supported my dreams and my self.’

‘Denise has a unique sense of profound intuition and holds a gentle open space for me to trust in the process and the comfort so that I can let go safely.’


Seminar & Keynote Speaking

‘Our group really enjoyed your presentation, you brought a wonderful positive vibe! :)’

– IMI Brokerage LP

‘Denise has a unique, results driven approach to improving communication and relationships. She challenges self limiting beliefs that inhibit performance and hones in on the core strengths we all possess.’

– Participant, NLLS Annual Conference 

‘Denise Miller was excellent, informative, insightful and just plain entertaining to listen to!’

– Participant, AALT Annual Conference


‘I wanted to let you know because I don’t think you realized what an impact you made. We don’t always think about the ways that there are to communicate with a patient and you sure opened our eyes. The workshop was valuable and I won’t forget to take the time to really see who I am looking at – and make connections I didn’t know were possible before.’

– Participant, Physician Leaders Conference 

‘The sense of play and participation will definitely be incorporated in library programming. What an enthusiastic and captivating storyteller!’

– Participant, Library Professional Development 

‘I have shared your perspective with others and we are making more of an effort to let kids be themselves and still find ways to be successful. If you have ever wondered if your stories carried an impact beyond your sessions, you can stop, you have made a difference.’

– Teacher attending a keynote; Calgary Teachers Convention 

‘Entertaining informative and practical – all rolled together. Very relaxed, yet held my interest every minute. Participation means I’ll remember!’

– Participant – Library Professional Development 

‘Every doctor, teacher, nurse, social worker – anyone in a care-giving role – needs to know this. These tools are quick to learn and are soon part of everyday connecting and communicating while helping others.’

– Workshop participant, Alberta College of Social Workers 

‘My husband and I enjoyed your keynote – it was absolutely fantastic and I left there with a much different attitude.’

– Participant; LTAA annual conference 

‘Denise has an ability to connect with people in a practical way; her storytelling portrays a unique way of looking at life. I am happy to have the opportunity to book her workshop for a third year in a row.’

– Program Facilitator – Employabilities, Employment Preparation Program 

‘Denise has a welcoming relaxed way that felt great. No one was put on the spot and yet we all participated!’

– Participant, Library Professional Development

‘We bring back Denise year after year. The inspiring storytelling combined with practical ideas is always a winning combination.’

– Faculty of Health and Community Studies, Grant MacEwan University

What an enthusiastic and captivating storyteller!’

– Participant, Library Professional Development


Storytelling Performances and Workshops

‘Fabulous presenter – I will attend sessions at future conferences if possible!’

‘Real eye opener in telling stories in different format. What a beautiful voice and sound.’

Fantastic – empowering full of wonder and respect.’

‘The speaker engaged the audience in many ways that I didn’t even notice. She was engaging us as the first song began and I realized when we were almost done, I had been engaged all along!’

‘Denise Miller has a wonderful gift of recognizing people’s needs and to top it off she can tell stories to fill them!’

‘Denise has an amazing ability to enthrall an audience. When I see her step up to the mic I know I’m in for an experience I’ll never forget!’

‘Denise is wonderful historian and storyteller – she makes us proud of our Metis heritage!’

‘Thank you so much for coming to tell stories at our school! The children talked about you and your stories for days after. All of the staff commented on how well you managed the children while telling a great story and wonderful information about our First Nations, Metis and Inuit friends. Thanks again!’

‘Story telling is pivotal in language, self esteem and self confidence, creativity and development. Thank you for sharing your story Denise!’

‘Denise Miller, was excellent. Her story mesmerized the children. They were listening so intently that they laughed out loud, jumped in their seats and their young faces showed the variety of emotions they felt as the story progressed.’

‘Ms. Miller had excellent classroom management and pacing skills that kept her young audience completely enthralled with her story.’

‘We all appreciated how she shared the history of her family and her explanations to the children of the terms; First Nations, Metis, Inuit in a way that they could understand. How she taught how some First Nations got their names and the meanings of those names. A great way for our kids to expand their knowledge about these important groups in our Canadian society!’

‘The children loved how Ms. Miller incorporated her drum and her songs into the story. They were quite fascinated with her drum, its importance in her culture and history.’

‘We would recommend Ms. Miller to everyone. She was flexible and accommodating. She had great presence during her presentation and the children didn’t want to the story to end. They loved it!’

‘Very intimate and interactive environment. Great stories and application to curriculum.’

‘Denise Miller, was excellent. She was very good with the students and was able to adjust to each class and situation easily. She made each presentation specific to the different ages of her audience.’

‘Denise connected well to the students and had great class management skills, as well as telling riveting stories. She engaged the students and made them think about the stories as they were being entertained. It was great to have an interactive storytelling session and she worked with the older students on storytelling strategies. She helped the students think differently about storytelling and the teachers were able to learn along with them.’

‘It always says so much about a presenter when you see 50 pairs of junior-high eyes attentively following your every step, your every movement…attentively listening. Thank you for helping us with the process of reconnecting story and voice.’

‘I went to 2 of Denise’s presentations –both excellent!’

‘Thank you for sharing your storytelling talents with our grade 4, 5, and 6 students. You gave them a unique experience in an art form that flows, for a special way of connecting with one another. Your drumming and singing will not soon be forgotten!’

‘Denise Miller is a superb story teller. She recently toured Australia and totally charmed the Kookaburra Folk Club audience with her wondrous renditions of Native American and Inuit tales, using her Living Drum to illustrate and underline as she drummed out heartbeats, Coyote lolloping along and the rhythms of her ceremonial songs. Denise’s skill as a teller of tales makes her performance totally absorbing. Her Native North American and Celtic ancestry gives her an inherited feel for the language and drama of the stories she presents; stories that teach, heal, guide, advise, empower and, of course, amuse and entertain.’

‘Valuable, comfortable, flexible, skill supporting. Needed more time. I want to take Denise home!’

‘I have heard so many positive comments from the staff and students and wanted to pass along the fact that your visit was enjoyed by all. Your time here will no doubt be one of the highlights of our school year.’

‘Awesome! Entertaining and she had great control of the students – a very good storyteller!’

‘Thank you for the positive outlook upon ADD. I have a son who is a hunter-it is so great to hear appreciation for these qualities.’

‘Denise was great with the students, told stories and explained concepts at their level and kept within the time frame allotted. This was an excellent presentation!’

‘Timely – was great for the LA and Social units being studied.’

‘Very engaging and enthusiastic. Denise managed the children very well when they got rowdy – she got our students excited about storytelling!’

‘The passion and excitement generated was immense with our high school students singing along to Windayaho – it was really heartening to hear my students humming it days later. Denise held her audience in such rapt suspense that I had to step in and remind them to leave after the bell had rung.’


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