Taking it to the Stream!

I have LOVED a great career as a touring storyteller. I’ve told stories to thousands of students in hundreds of schools. I have entertained hundreds of international visitors around the campfire, in canoes, cruiseship, and trains across the Rocky Mountains. I’ve traveled the world telling stories!

And now I’m taking it to the stream!

In-person storytelling was not possible during the pandemic and I discovered that I enjoyed Zoom telling. Some clients asked for recorded stories – I liked that too! Clients also suggested that because classes really enjoyed my storytelling visits, of course, a method that would bring that experience with the touch of their fingertips, via this new platform would be a welcome addition to any school looking for enriching activities for a variety of students.

And so my new exciting venture StoryWork; The Engaging, Entertaining, Educational Storytelling Library came to be.

I’ve created an island in the stream. With a treasure trove of engaging and entertaining stories!

  • A place where teachers, librarians, and support staff can access and add StoryWork to their toolkit,  – it contains resources that they can utilize to successfully teach a variety of topics in story form
  • Stories can be customized to suit individual requests….  this could entail a specific person, place, or time – or a certain emotion or life lesson learning. I’ve even got a couple math stories!
  • Stories vary in length – great to fill in at the end of a class, or when a student finishes early
  • Creative teaching methods for diverse learning styles, including special needs students
  • Unlimited streaming for all grade levels – K through 12
  • Curriculum-based stories that support lesson plans
  • Searchable by grade, topic & more!
  • Free trial available and $50 a month off with unlimited district subscriptions!

Storytelling in the Classroom – Professional Development Workshop

Storytelling is the perfect way to connect to all the learners in your group. Bring this captivating addition to your class more often with a professional development workshop for your teachers and staff. The workshop is customizeable in length and content. Let’s talk about how it will work at your next district training or conference.

Teachers say…

‘Fantastic – empowering full of wonder and respect.’

‘Denise has an amazing ability to enthrall an audience. When I see her step up to the mic I know I’m in for an experience I’ll never forget!’

‘Storytelling is pivotal in language, self esteem and self confidence, creativity and development. Thank you for sharing your story Denise!’

‘Denise Miller, was excellent. Her story mesmerized the children. They were listening so intently that they laughed out loud, jumped in their seats and their young faces showed the variety of emotions they felt as the story progressed.’

‘It always says so much about a presenter when you see 50 pairs of junior-high eyes attentively following your every step, your every movement…attentively listening. Thank you for helping us with the process of reconnecting story and voice.’

‘Denise Miller, was excellent. She was very good with the students and was able to adjust to each class and situation easily. She made each presentation specific to the different ages of her audience.’

About Denise

As a hi’story’an and counsellor, Denise Miller combines her love of story and her fascination with people to offer an eye-opening look at communication and relationship dynamics. She presents keynotes, performs concerts, and coaches people in individual sessions, or personal and professional development workshops.

Denise has entertained thousands of listeners of all ages with performance storytelling around history, geology, geography, legends, and mythology. Storytelling was a natural part of the work she did while teaching curriculum programming and outdoor pursuits to youth at various educational facilities from 1985 to 2001. Her professional storytelling work began in 1996.

Since then Denise has entertained hundreds of local and international visitors around the campfire and in canoe. She has told stories to thousands of students in many hundreds of schools, libraries, and various locations; such as trains over the Rockies, white water rafts, cruise ship, and hay wagons.

‘The world is shaped by two things – stories told and the memories they leave behind.’
Vera Nazarian


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