Tell Your Story Better - in Sales, Mentoring, Presenting and Confident Leadership

Connecting with People – Heart to Heart

I was working as a professional storyteller when I began to develop the communication strategies I teach today. I still do! I clearly saw that story and people work so well together because it is how we naturally relate to life, ourselves and others. I also saw that we could be doing a much better job at it! Why are we often unsuccessful at feeling seen, heard and understood by others?

Storytelling can cross all barriers, so make the most of those teachable moments and networking opportunities with excellent communication skills. When you choose to speak out make sure that you are heard by learning to tell your story well!

Stories empower, engage, bind and bond us. Stories teach us how to negotiate differences, train us to think - and bring about healing.

I help people communicate with StorySkills in individual sessions as well as in fun, high content and customizable workshops. Participants will learn how to truly express themselves and will get to know each other in an engaging, fun and relaxed atmosphere. They will come away with a real awareness and feedback about how they can improve and deepen their communication through storytelling.

I can also coach the reluctant presenter into becoming more comfortable facilitating, chairing or speaking at meetings large and small. With my counselling skills I can help clients through any barriers they have to being seen, heard and getting the message across effectively!

Improve your StorySkills to:

        • Improve professional communication

        • Gain confidence in your leadership skills

        • Relax fears around speaking

        • Tell compelling stories more easily

        • Engage audiences, customers and employees with story

        • Communicate with ease, authority, confidence and authenticity

        • Use story as a unique sales or team building tool

        • Make the most of teachable moments and networking opportunities

        • Use relevant stories to diffuse conflict in the workplace

        • Know others' stories better with QuickRead training

        • Identify your own negative storytelling and stop holding yourself back!