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Mastery of Relational Leadership


I am looking forward to joining you to bring your students to their next level in building better relationships, more authenticity, and developing their own leadership style.

If your interest in answering questions and speaking about this new offering has brought you here, I invite you to explore:

      • The Mastery of Relational Communication - Course Outline (downloadable document below)
      • The QuickRead Method - QRM - Description (downloadable document below)
      • The DMI blog available through the website: https://www.denisemiller.ca/blog
      • The DMI Youtube channel: youtube.com/channel/UczY77ninszTCxWwm_2B4CyQ
      • The posts and conversation on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram:
          • Linkedin.com/in/denisemiller-quickreadmethod/
          • facebook.com//GreatLeadershipThroughBetterRelationships
          • instagram.com/denise_miller1/
      • working forward with the Show Up Authentically ebook - for purchase at:

The QuickRead Method.pdf
Mastery of Relational Leadership.pdf