Keynote Speaking

My husband and I enjoyed your keynote – it was absolutely fantastic and we left there with a much different attitude!

Denise Miller was excellent – entertaining, informative, insightful and just plain interesting to listen to!’

'I have shared your perspective with others and we are making more of an effort to let kids be themselves and still find ways to be successful. If you have ever wondered if your stories carried an impact beyond your sessions, you can stop, you have made a difference.' - more testimonials

The Sidekicks to Your Superpower!

45-90 minutes

It can often seem that we are working at cross purposes to our goals – unconscious immature decisions and fears are actually in charge in these situations. Take back your power and authenticity – take back your life!

Denise will introduce you to the two strange characters that run her life – or rather, had been before she caught on to their nefarious tricks and turned her sidekicks to good instead of evil!

Learn to spot the disguise your sidekicks have been wearing and unlock the Superpowers of your own Vulner–Ability!

This keynote is for anyone who has ever had to deal with themselves, life, or other people - and would like to do it in a more authentic, purposeful way.

Note: A/V required for slide presentation.

The Art of Storytelling

45 - 90 minutes

From thousands of years of history and the depths of cellular memory people are wired to listen to and learn from story. Storytelling can cross all barriers.

Denise invites her audience to share in stories of self-discovery, acceptance, understanding, courage and love in a way that only a true storyteller can. She brings the stories to life with her skill and passion for this ancient art form.

This presentation is appropriate for all audiences and is customizable to your conference theme and goals.

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