Denise Miller - Leadership Ninja Coaching
Confident Leadership through advanced mindset and relationship skills

Leadership Ninja Coaching

A Ninja:

      • can see through all defences into hidden areas
      • cuts directly and quickly to the core of the problem
      • is a highly trained and experienced expert in their field

A Leadership Ninja also:

      • is aware that everyone, including themselves, has mindset issues – mental attitudes that control them
      • has experienced that when they clear their mind of guilt and regret, new opportunities often arise
      • is aware that unless there is true communication, there can be no true relationships
      • knows that as soon as their mind stops resisting, a problem can turn into a project very quickly
      • can choose to keep beliefs and attitudes that are congruent with who they are, and release others that aren’t needed for their safety and success any longer
      • has realized that their preferences and opinions are no more important than anyone else's
      • can recognize when others are acting out of an attitude that has control of them, and can see the individual behind the behaviours
      • can speak directly as needed without manipulation, unnecessary force, or upset
      • knows that humans feel vulnerable and, not realizing that this is an important part of growth towards empowerment, may lash out and protect themselves
      • knows that if someone doesn’t agree with their opinions or beliefs, a great relationship is still possible
      • knows that we all feel more or less like victims in different areas of life and with attention we can improve
      • has discovered that when the mind has cleared, emotions become less tight, painful, and withheld – more easily and fearlessly expressed
      • knows that reality and the experience of life differ for each person
      • understands that we know ourselves better than anyone else ever could, and may still need help expressing that to the world