Information for Sessions

Your session or training

    • After the booking is confirmed you will receive an emailed invoice, payable by credit card, e-transfer, or Paypal.

Preparing for an online session

        • Zoom (preferred for quality) – I will send you a link to an online meeting space. The first time it will take a minute or two to download the program.
        • Skype - Ensure you download Skype to your computer and send a connection request to denise.miller0107 well before the session so we are ready to go.
        • At our session time - connect through our Zoom link or video call me on Skype – I will have accepted your connection request and be ready for our session.
        • When preparing for an online session ensure that you have a well lit room, solitude, and privacy, even from your pets.
        • The quality of a session online depends largely on the computer and camera you have as well as the speed of your internet connection.
            • Testing and optimizing your setup before our session will have us ready to go on time. Ensure your face is well lit from behind your computer / camera.
                • In Zoom, simply login early the first time to check your connection, audio, and video
                • In the toolbar at the top left of the Skype screen click on 'tools' and then 'options'. You will be able to check your video and audio.

In-person sessions in Peachland

        • I will send you the address upon booking.
        • Park to the right; beside the carport.
        • Come right in shortly before your session time. Take a seat and I will be right with you.
        • I am sensitive to smells like perfume, cologne etc – I ask that you leave those off.

Preparing for an in-person training or session intensive

        • Airports – both with direct flights from Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver (car rentals and shuttles are available)
          • Kelowna International Airport – YLW approx 40 – 60 minutes drive to Peachland depending on traffic.
          • Penticton Regional Airport – YYF approx 50 minutes drive to Peachland.
        • Accommodations
          • Davis Cove is the closest.
          • There are several Bed & Breakfasts in Peachland; some within walking distance.
          • The closest hotels, including large chains, are in Westbank and West Kelowna; about 10 minutes away by car.
        • Information for breaks and between sessions
          • Space is available to refrigerate your lunch, water, and snacks if required.
          • Okanagan Lake and a public beach are a few steps away – great for a swim or other water sports.
          • There are nice walking, hiking and biking trails around town and into the hills.
          • There are many restaurants, pubs, and eateries in Peachland.
          • There is an IGA grocery store and many orchards, fruit, and vegetable stands a short drive away in season.
          • Many tours and experiences are available locally due to high volume tourism especially in the summer.
          • The Okanagan Valley is well known worldwide as a destination for wine, craft beer, golf, biking, triathlon – and Ogopogo!
        • Suggestions
          • Dress casually and comfortably – there will be a lot of sitting or lying (in the case of Emotion Clearing).
          • Be prepared to take some notes. You may find a journal for between sessions useful.
          • If it's summer, the temperature can be quite high and the sun very direct – be prepared.
          • If it's late fall through winter (Oct – March) and you're driving – ensure that you have correctly rated tires – this is a law in BC. The temperature hovers within about 10 degrees of 0 Celsius in December and January, but can get colder and slippery at those times.
          • Peachland has mostly pebbled shoreline instead of sand - which can be tough on tender feet – bring water shoes if you plan to use the beaches.
          • Ensure you leave time for rest and contemplation during your training or between sessions.

I look forward to working with you,

Warm regards,

Denise Miller