The QuickRead Method

Discover the First Impression You Leave & Go Far Deeper on Your First Glance in Hiring & Networking

Better Relationships for Health, Safety and Workplace Satisfaction!

The majority of owners of growing businesses today find employee retention and motivation challenging human resource issues.The number one workable issue that causes people to lack empowered motivation or leave their job is unclear communication.

Retaining Denise Miller as your communication coach gets your preferred style across to your employees in an interesting, interactive workshop-style training and helps staff with specific inter-personal problems on an on-going basis. Being prepared when these types of problems occur is just good business sense!

Do you really want to make a lasting difference in your business and in the lives of your employees? Think big! Bring in great communication – it will be a generational legacy in the lives of your employees and their families.

What's Possible for your Personnel with The QuickRead Method

• Increased ability to communicate effectively in diverse situations

• Increased capacity to work with the person in front of you as they are

• More respect and less stress

• Less sickness and more safety

• More efficient communication between clients and team

• Deeper understanding and cooperation with achieving organization goals through effective teamwork

• Increased creative exchange of ideas, thoughts, and information among team members

What's Possible for YOU with The QuickRead Method

• Use your new skills to hire staff that are right for you

• Identify how to best support the staff you want to keep

• Change conflict into communication!

Companies with a strong connected communicative culture enjoy 20 to 30% more productivity and performance from employees. Bring the benefits of relational communication to your workplace today!

The QuickRead Method is a human potential tool that is easy to learn and apply in every workplace environment and is especially valuable in human resources, health and safety, education, and sales. Anyone working directly with others will benefit from this fun exploration into human behaviour that's as natural and as plain as the nose on your face! In this informative presentation Denise will introduce The QuickRead Method; which will enable participants to know more than they ever thought possible about other people - even on the first glance!

People often jump to conclusions about their managers and co-workers and clients based on conditioning and trauma. Why not provide skills so staff at all levels understand each other and the clients' needs better?

The QuickRead Method training helps people read the messages everyone conveys with their face, body and voice, and to use that information to open real useful connection and communication with the person in front of you - co-worker or client!