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Introduction to Advanced Mindset & Relationship Skills for Business Professionals

When leadership is sourced from authenticity, every interaction can be a choice to be in good relationship. The people you are approaching in your business, whether in a human resources, sales, or customer service capacity will appreciate the ease and comfort of the connection.

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The Power of Story - ebook $9.99

*For guiding your use of storytelling to facilitate connection, communication, & motivation – applied in education, artists in education, health, & wellness

*For guiding your own hero journey to create The Perfect Plot Twist you want in your life now

The Mastery of Relational Leadership - ebook $9.99

Being you - Authentically, learning to connect openly and powerfully will make you a better communicator. Learn to drop the over-thinking, the analyzing - and just be you!

The Mastery of Relational Leadership Online Course - $299.99 for 5 modules

Making your professional communications and relationships better is a foundational, core strength that will serve you in every aspect of your life. It will holistically improve your success and experience; body, mind, heart, and spirit. I include 'relationship with self' as a natural growth that will take place, and most likely become the most valuable to you, overall.

I breakdown the process of learning this skill into five manageable chunks that I call The A Line:

      • Awareness - grow your capacity to see your part in relationship issues

      • Acceptance - increase your ability to accept what you see as your responsibility to change

      • Authenticity - become more and more your true self as old patterns are revealed and released

      • Authority - acknowledge the depth of what you bring and offer it to the world as you desire

      • Awakening - be available to the next, deeper, and more true levels to arise

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