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Are You Ready to Improve Your Professional Leadership & Communication Skills?

I coach business people, most of whom already have successful careers. They work with me because they know there is something more for them - they can almost see it - but due to limiting beliefs it will not come within reach. Frustrating!

First we work on getting clear on the vision and what is stopping you - getting in the way of realizing all your potential. Then we focus on bringing your vision, your potential to reality and actualization. My job is to help you win.

* Leadership Ninja - Results ASAP Coaching Package

This coaching package is for you if you have experienced successes and now forward momentum has slowed or stopped. You have exhausted your ideas about what to do and they are not working. You are disappointed with your results and don't know what to try next. It may be that your business is suffering, or that you are suffering in your business. There may be confusion, overwhelm, and frustration - no clarity about the way through.

Either way - you are seeking a coach to guide you to kick start a new beginning.

I will work with you to clarity about the actual problem and then to the development of a plan to solve that problem. Together we will accomplish results that will be achievable and satisfying.

Clients often express that all the relationships in their lives are going better.

Sign up for a 30 minute complementary consultation. We'll talk and see if we are a good fit to work together.

The Way It Works:

        1. We choose the right coaching package for you.

        2. Between sessions there will be action projects and e-mail support.

        3. Additional sessions are available as the situation / timeline requires.

          1. Sessions and session intensives are available; in-person if desired

        4. In each session we will work on and solve issues or situations that have come up between sessions.

        5. Between sessions you will find yourself in action and achieving more than you thought possible.

        6. Ongoing coaching packages offer you increased $ value, and a more productive, successful, accountable, satisfying, enjoyable life.

* Leadership Ninja Coaching - Drop In

This up to 90 minute Drop In session is perfect when you want to get the next steps clear. You have clarity about where you are going and want to check on the reality of the direction and outcomes - and if they are coming from a limited mindset. Consulting with me brings out what you really want from your plan, and if - in reality - the outcomes you plan for are possible from this perspective.

The Way It Works:

          1. We have worked together before.

          2. You sign up for a 90 minute session.

          3. I will send you an invoice and some questions to get us ready for the session.

          4. We meet via Zoom or Skype.

Specific Instructions for on-line and in-person sessions. Contact me if you have any questions

Working In-Person with Denise

If you live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, or would like to combine a trip with valuable professional development, you are welcome to work with me at my office. I recommend in-person bookings for Emotion Clearing, group and couples work, and some types of session intensives. Inquire what would be best for you.

Sign up for a 30 minute complementary consultation. We'll talk and see if we are a good fit to work together.