Relationship Diagnostics is a 5 module course. You will learn to diagnose the problems in any relationships in your life - and you will be see how to deal with each appropriately as well!

The course includes video, audio, text, and downloadable pdfs for all learner styles.

Email for support if you have any questions. Thank you!

Thank you for choosing better relationships for yourself, and for making a generational difference in your family, and in all your circles of influence!

You will find three options in the dropdown payment link.

    1. Relationship Diagnostics - 5 Module online training
    2. Relationship Diagnostics with one online 90 minute coaching session with Denise Miller
    3. Relationship Diagnostics with two online 90 minute coaching session with Denise Miller

The included sessions are discounted and will deepen your work by directing the most critical areas of focus and with option #3 will also provide deep integration of the insights and epiphanies available.