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Better Relationships for Health, Safety and Workplace Satisfaction!

Connecting with People – Heart to Heart

Caring, intentional and responsive relationships are at the heart of businesses that people want to work for. You can create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your colleagues, and employees, as well as your clients!

Modern leadership needs to be more than a shift in technique:

  • Leaders need to truly know and understand their managers and staff.
  • Leaders must provide a sense of safety, acceptance, and belonging.
  • Leaders need to be able to recognize the early signs of mental or emotional struggle and provide effective support.

When we move more towards relationship-based leadership it is no surprise that this includes all of peoples’ vulnerabilities – their anxiety, defenses, and their emotional triggers and struggles. As well as our own! This can seem to be more than a business leader should have to deal with.

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Focusing on Relationships

There needs to be a fundamental shift in how leaders approach the HR challenge. Relationships must move from being a marginal consideration in business to being one of the central features inherent in a successful business.

But what if you are already doing the best you can and have no idea how to do better? You are not alone – we each have our strengths and weaknesses in relationships as well as leadership. The Mastery of Relational Leadership programs will dramatically enhance your interpersonal and communication skills. Be more real in your leadership and your life!

We Can Focus On Your StorySkills to:

  • Improve professional communication
  • Gain confidence in your leadership skills
  • Relax fears around speaking
  • Tell compelling stories more easily
  • Engage audiences, customers and employees with story
  • Communicate with ease, authority, confidence and authenticity
  • Use story as a unique sales or team building tool
  • Make the most of teachable moments and networking opportunities
  • Use relevant stories to diffuse conflict in the workplace

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Benefits of Denise’s Team Coaching



Increased ability to communicate effectively in diverse situations



Increased capacity to work with the person in front of you as they are



More respect and less stress



Less sickness and more safety


Client Communication

More efficient communication between clients and team


Information Exchange

Increased creative exchange of ideas, thoughts, and information among team members



Use your new skills to hire staff that are right for you



Identify how to best support the staff you want to keep


Conflict Management

Change conflict into communication!


Goal Achievement

Deeper understanding and cooperation with achieving organizational goals through effective teamwork


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