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Change Your Narrative

Improve Your Leadership, Relationship & Communication Skills

I coach people who are ready to have a better life – personally as well as professionally.

They work with me because they know there is something more for them – they can almost see it – but it will not come within reach. Frustrating!

First we work on getting clear on the vision and what is stopping you – getting in the way of realizing all your potential. Then we focus on bringing your vision, your potential to reality and actualization. My job is to help you win.

Preparing for Sessions with Denise

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Coaching Packages

Communication & Relationship Coaching

Communication, Relationship, Leadership coaching is for you if you are ready to plan your next steps. You have areas where you know you could do and be better.

Now is the time to prepare yourself for the opportunities ahead! Improve your relationship and communication skills and take charge of your life!

Commitment is rewarded – session rates drop with each package level.

See How It Works

What clients experience after working with Denise…



Is aware that everyone, including themselves, has mindset issues – mental attitudes that control them

No Regrets

Has experienced that when they clear their mind of guilt and regret, new opportunities often arise

Seeing Deeper

Can recognize when others are acting out of an attitude that has control of them, and can see the individual behind the behaviours


Knows that humans feel vulnerable and, not realizing that this is an important part of growth towards empowerment, may lash out and protect themselves


Has realized that their preferences and opinions are no more important than anyone else’s

Personal Differences

Knows that reality and the experience of life differ for each person


Knows that we all feel more or less like victims in different areas of life and with attention we can improve


Is aware that unless there is true communication, there can be no true relationships


Can choose to keep beliefs and attitudes that are congruent with who they are, and release others that aren’t needed for their safety and success any longer


Knows that as soon as their mind stops resisting, a problem can turn into a project very quickly

Direct Communication

Can recognize when others are acting out of an attitude that has control of them, and can see the individual behind the behaviours.

Clear Mind

Has discovered that when the mind has cleared, emotions become less tight, painful, and withheld – more easily and fearlessly expressed


Knows that if someone doesn’t agree with their opinions or beliefs, a great relationship is still possible

Expressing Ourselves

Understands that we know ourselves better than anyone else ever could, and may still need help expressing that to the world

Creative Communication Coaching

How it Works


I will work with you to clarity about the actual problem and then to the development of a plan to solve that problem. Together we will accomplish results that will be achievable and satisfying.

Clients often express that all the relationships in their lives are going better.


Choose a Coaching Plan

We choose the right coaching package for you to reach your potential. Between sessions, there will be action projects and e-mail support. Additional sessions are available as the situation requires.

What to Expect

In each session, we will work on and solve issues or situations that have come up between sessions. You will find yourself in action and achieving more than you thought possible. Ongoing coaching packages offer you increased value, and a more productive, successful, accountable, satisfying, enjoyable life.


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