Mindful Relating;

Better Relationships for a Better Life!

Your Story is Your Hero Journey!

The story of your life, is the most important story you can ever tell.

Together – through your story, we will discover the true reasons:

        • Why you hold back in some areas in life, and over react in others.
        • Why you over control in some areas, and are out of control in others.
        • Why you allow love and friendship into your life, or you don’t find it, can’t keep it, maybe don’t even try.

Your Hero Journey

        • Together – we deconstruct your story to reveal the basic motivations that drive you and hold you back.
        • Together – we uncover the key to unlock the future of your choice!

The Hero Journey has markers along the way – each of our paths are unique, yet the markers are there for those with the knowledge to see.

You may be a master in one area and a novice in another. For example, you may be a master in business, and can’t succeed in personal relationships, or vise versa. These transition times, and areas of less capacity can be frustrating unless you expect and accept them.

Unless you know yourself and the truth of your journey.

Learn to identify the Hero Journey A-Line path markers.


Let’s talk about the next steps on your journey to the future of your choice!

Deconstruct your Hero Journey with the A-line path markers;

Awareness, Acceptance, Authenticity, Authority, and Awakening!



Grow your capacity to see your part in issues in your life



Increase your ability to accept what you see as your responsibility to change



Become more and more your true self as old patterns are revealed and released



Acknowledge the depth of what you bring and offer it to the world as you desire



Be available to the next, deeper, and more true levels to arise

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Denise Miller

I’m Denise Miller; a coach for individuals, as well as business professionals and their teams. My clients love the way that together we cut through thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours that limit them. I have been called a ‘Ninja of the Mind’.

I help them improve relationships of all kinds,  through improved communication, leadership, and conflict resolution skills in online sessions.

I have years of experience causing lasting success by optimizing peoples’ lives in all areas.

Let’s create a plan to make the changes you need – to get what you really want.

These are core fixes that will take every relationship you have to the next level – most importantly; the relationship with yourself!

NOW is the time to actualize and realize your true potential!



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