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‘Until working with Denise I didn’t realize that I was the common denominator in my relationship problems at work and at home.’ 

‘Denise helped me find the words to really express what I needed to say; with my business materials, as well as my verbal presentations. My elevator talk is now through the roof :)’ 

‘I came to Denise with a concept for a workshop – she helped me get clear about what I wanted to teach, brought my presentation skills to a higher level and I came away with a great product that I am now presenting to clients around the world. She took me far beyond my expectations.’ 

‘She did it again 🙂 I got clear about an issue I had struggled with in one session with Denise. Reminder – book a session sooner next time.’ 

‘Denise saw me completely and led me to accept every part of myself. Sessions with her are fun and don’t seem like work and yet the result is that I am living my life more passionately, more authentically – my way. I’ve been seen and accepted as I’ve always wanted to be.’ 

‘Denise not only improved my presentation skills – she helped me discover and deal with what had caused these fears and issues in the first place.’ 

‘Denise is courageous, receptive, willing and connected.’ 

‘Denise’s presence made me trust; which brought me to a place of willingness I’ve never found in another therapist. She could keep up with me wherever I went and I always felt she was really there, getting me all the time – unflinching.’ 

‘Denise’s affinity with me was powerful and for the first time I felt my life and experiences were acceptable and I felt less weird and alien in the world.’

‘I really became clear that what I was thinking and feeling on the inside, was showing up on the outside and others were reacting. Thank you Denise!’

‘Denise provides a place of comfort and safety that allows me to open to places that I’ve found scary. She has the courage and intuition to go where the charge is and follow it – with great results!’

‘Denise has a deep understanding of human nature and I can bring anything to her without fear of being judged. I can sense the deep spirit and spirituality that she comes from.’ 

‘Denise has a huge capacity to process and move energy that allows me space to move and process to my utmost capacity. Her humour loosens the tension and makes working with her a pleasure.’

‘Denise has a gift to work with women who are feeling dis-empowered and make them feel good – I never felt she judged or was condescending to me – always supported my dreams and my self.’

‘Denise has a unique sense of profound intuition and holds a gentle open space for me to trust in the process and the comfort so that I can let go safely.’


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