People, People, People, People

Sometimes we are just not ourselves, something triggers us – we react and cause damage to the relationships in our work and home life – when it happens it can really take us out; out of connection, communication and contact – out of integrity, of control – out of relationship.

There are four issues that usually cause the problems (with lots of overlap):

A self-limiting belief

A past trauma

A thinking error

A lack in learning about, or experience getting across, different types of communication

Clearing these issues will free your mind so that your mental health will improve and you can make changes in your life. The path to clearing these areas – especially urgent where the issue is holding you back – is through what I call the A-line, or the Straight A Progression.


When you first realize that your problem originates in a mental attitude you have – simply open to knowing more about this. Become a loving observer as you grow in awareness about this thing you do when you’re triggered in some way. The more you know about it the more control you regain. As your knowledge of this attitude grows you may become aware of when it began to run that part of your life. You may recall a single person or incident that caused you to believe this was the best way to handle it – to get triggered – perhaps to decoy others away from a true place of emotion and vulnerability. You can then accept that you created this mental construct and that you can also ‘un-create’ it. Disown it, let it go.


When you have accepted that this way of thinking is yours to control and not be a victim of, it’s time to face the music. When we are dis-empowered, especially as children, we often act out in less than stellar ways. We can be jealous and nasty to others around us and feel quite righteous about it too. It’s time to grow up. Acknowledge any victims of your rebellions as best you see fit. Even saying that it happened to a trusted confidante or coach can bring reality to our lives and help us move forward.


As you take back control from these fixed ideas, beliefs, and attitudes your life will change. Quite dramatically if you let it! You will find that more and more frequently your words and actions are congruent with who you are at your true depth. You will see opportunities that you couldn’t measure up to before. You have grown in knowing yourself! This is a deeply satisfying place to come from.


When you reach the point of authority in any area of life you find that this mastery strengthens who you are in all areas. Gaining mastery in body, mind, emotions and opening to spirit is the purpose to life!


Opening more to the layers and nuances that are you. Evolving through life’s transitions to more than you ever thought you could be!