Many business professionals struggle to manage interpersonal relationships. They report that a high percentage of the stress and anxiety they feel comes from having to ‘handle’ and ‘deal with’ people.

Coaching can help. Due to the mindset issues involved, it is difficult to self-identify solutions that will work. If these issues aren’t dealt with, the stress and anxiety can affect your health, productivity, well-being, and career. Studies show professionals who work in high-stress environments are more likely to suffer from symptoms like high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol which increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. People also report irritability, sleep problems, weak immune system, as well as depression. As a leader these issues affect you, as well as the team you count on.

Other causes of workplace stress and anxiety caused by poor relationship and communication skills include:

Lateral violence – ongoing bullying and abuse

A leader or colleague who is hard to communicate, or get along, with

Career concerns

An unhealthy work environment

A lack of resources supporting mental health

To tackle this for yourself and your team:

Show and encourage a positive example that is in reality – Your attitude plays a major role in your level of stress, so choose to approach your work and relationships with a positive mindset that is facing the real world.

Calm down – Notice and work on any attitudes, beliefs, or behaviours you have that cause you stress and anxiety.

Manage your time and priorities – Does a lack of work/life balance cause you stress? This can be due to a mindset that lacks boundaries, authenticity, and empowerment. Take time for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health!

To be supported in developing advanced relationship and mindset skills for yourself and your team – let’s talk.