I spoke to a colleague last week. She had gone through a rough patch and noticed her thoughts and reactions were very volatile around that area of life – she called it a hangover. I really appreciated that. To me that meant that she knew that it was self-inflicted and she knew that she would recover.

In my lingo I would call it a trigger. A specific kind of trigger that is like a worm – a worm of the mind. Worms are caused by any memory that we don’t want to think about; a missed opportunity, something we did that we think we shouldn’t have, or something we failed to do that we think we should have done.

These worms lie buried until we are reminded of a painful relationship or experience. The worm is attached to the memory and brings a negative flavour to it and often, any other similar experiences as well. As long as these worms exist we are unable to really remember the learnings and good times that were also a part of the mix. Until we empower ourselves to release it – deworm it, we will have a limited, less than whole, real experience of life. We will subconsciously avoid relationships and situations that cause the worm to rear it’s head. This can really limit our opportunities in life.

When I work with clients in deworming their minds, we use The Straight As Progression.

Awareness, Acceptance, Authenticity, Authority, and Awakening are the path to clearing the mind of triggers – including the worms. This path is what I call The Straight As Progression. First, we have to become aware of the trigger – and worm-triggers are often more hidden and involve whole relationships and aspects of life.

Progress through the Straight As to clear them. Clearing them will change your life. Let me know if you need support in deworming your mind and getting through the hangovers in your life.