About Mind Clearing

Clearers deal not so much with the contents of the mind, as with the structure. Once the structure is compromised the result is inevitable – you lose your ‘mind’. It crumbles away bit by bit with clearing sessions. Don’t panic – I refer to your mind here as the rules/training/voices that arise – often totally undetected that push and pull us. You are living inside a structure – sort of Matrix-movie-like, that lives off your energy. You built the structure which is why it is so difficult to get out of. It knows you too well.

You need a Clearer when you find yourself stuck in life and you don’t know why. Some of the structures I’m speaking about come from socialization. We added more and more so that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual survival could be on auto pilot. We developed alarm systems on these mental structures to watch out and warn us – to keep us ready for anything. Often we take these systems so much for granted that we don’t even notice them running in the background.

This control works at very different levels and ways for each of us. This is your cage – you built it knowing full well what would keep you trapped into being something less than all you can be. Your Clearer will be there to hold the reality of you as an individual – through the structure – when you can’t. There may be some things you need to confront to get where you want to be. You might as well get on with it, with your Clearer.

When you have a relationship with a Clearer you will come to session when you have a current problem arising or a piece of personal or professional development to work on. Once you are clear, which happens surprisingly quickly – you only return to session when you want to. You continue Clearing when you desire, bringing more of your authentic self to every interaction – increasingly through your whole life.

As you grow clearer you will find that you no longer care about things that used to bother you. You will find that everything and everyone around you is more acceptable – even yourself! Your Clearer will help you move through any difficult life situations as quickly as possible and you will have grown in your personal capacity to fearlessly offer a more authentic you in every interaction. Much more than you ever thought possible when you were living trapped in a mental structure!

As your life continues you will find that you are growing more able to handle the structure demolition yourself as it arises. As that mental structure is striped away you will find your personal deep truth and realizations arising more and more. A return to inner-sense. Your Clearer is able to communicate with you on that level, and will assist you to bring clarity and personal truth to those awesome experiences.

Get clear – it works and the result is simply a more authentic you. Starting right where you are, now. Clearers are not plentiful, however we can be found. Find a Clearer, start your relationship and get on with YOUR life!

General Areas of Clearing

  • Current Problem Clearing
  • Depth Clearing
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Self Actualization / Evolution Processes
  • Couples Clearing
  • Emotion Clearing

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