About Denise

Denise Miller is a creative communication consultant with a unique ability to engage, entertain, and educate while presenting an eye-opening new look at face reading, body language and communication dynamics. Participants are able to communicate more effectively, efficiently and cooperatively with clients and co-workers.

Denise is also an international storytelling artist and spent time as an award-winning local, national, and international journalist producing a weekly radio program focusing on the elders and spiritual leaders she met on her storytelling journeys. She’s told stories on several continents, floating on cruise ship, white water raft, and voyageur canoe, around a campfire, on a horse drawn wagon, and on trains across the Rocky Mountains.

Denise Miller is a blend of depth, insight, humour and inspiration as she weaves life experiences and story together. She awakens new levels of understanding on human dynamics, personal mastery and the elements of self.

As your speaker, workshop or training facilitator or storyteller Denise brings a unique story to share and communication strategies that will breathe new life and success into all your relationships!

Denise delivers professional development consulting, workshops, and keynote speeches. She also helps organizations build stronger teams, manage conflict, create more effective messages, and deliver better presentations. In addition, she coaches senior leaders one-on-one to develop stronger executive communication skills.